Nathalie's Donuts Menu

Donuts:   Plained Glazed    |    Frosted Covered    |    Cake    |    Filled Donuts

Donut Holes:   Glazed    |    Frosted

Filled Donut Holes:   Lemon    |    Strawberry    |    Bavarian Cream |     Blueberry Raspberry

Specialty Donut Options:   Custom    |    Maple Bacon

Specialty Pastries:    Twist    |     Cheese Danish    |     Apple Turnover    

Breakfast Tacos:    Bacon Egg    |    Potato Egg    |    Sausage Egg    |    Potato Sausage

Breakfast Sandwiches:    Biscuit Sausage Egg Cheese    |     Biscuit Bacon Egg Cheese

Kolaches & Croissants:    Kolaches    |     Croissants    |     Jumbo Kolaches    

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